I finally took the time to read through last week’s sales report at DN Journal, and recognized a couple names that had been circulated through domain sales newsletters.┬áBased on Whois, both buyers are familiar names to many domainers. My records of the domains’ asking prices are listed below.


  • Asking Prices:
    • $145,000 in the July 26 newsletter
    • $295,000 in the July 24 newsletter

The newsletter gave a little more flavor on the domain in their July 24 email, “YG.com has been a live gaming site for years, but recently sold, therefore they don’t need the domain anymore.”

Whois shows domainer Alex Lerman as the buyer. The domain is parked, but is still getting significant traffic — Alexa show a ranking under 100,000.


  • Sales Price: $25,000 via Toby Clements’ newsletter
  • Asking Price: $30,000 in the July 9 newsletter

Whois shows Jeffrey Reynolds as the buyer. He’s perhaps best known in domainer circles for his AmericanFlags.com website. A placeholder WordPress site is in place on his new acquisition.

Congrats to the buyers, sellers, and brokers.


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