Listed below are some notable domain and website sales over the past week at Flippa.

Lots of big names were on the auction block. Most of them didn’t sell (,, etc listed below), but a couple 5 figure sales came through, with and

Congrats to the seller. I mentioned last week they had an unsuccessful first listing, with bidding only getting up to $550. They then had the cojones to put it back on the platform with no reserve, and the pricing jumped to over $15k. (After the sale, the price was taken down, but bidding was at $15,100 with two hours to go, so that gives you the floor.) It won’t always work that way, but when it does, the seller looks pretty smart…..

Some domains that sold – $15,100+ – $14,001 – $2,025 – $2,001 – $2,001 – $950 – $785 – $300 – $289

Some websites that sold

  • – $50,000 – Monthly net profit of $1,400 stated, on monthly uniques of 368,000. “ started in 2010 and is now a PR4 high traffic web development blog focused on JavaScript and jQuery.”
  • – $20,000 – Monthly net profit of $12,000 stated, on uniques of 110,000. “CLICKSURE OFFER FOR SALE” “Up for sale today it is an online business I started  end of December last year. Its exactly 3 months today since its been running”
  • – $19,750 – Profit of $1,300, on uniques of 19,000. “Well Established Professional Clickbank Product Review in Health & Fitness Category”

Some domains with bids that didn’t sell – $80,100 – $61,666 – $34,100 – $29,000 – $17,500 – $5,100 (It was listed as sold, then as ‘under negotiation’. Now the seller has been banned, and the domain is listed as unsold.) – $4,750 – $4,050 – $3,000 – $2,550 – $1,250 – $1,000 – $550


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  1. Travis says:

    Great write up as always, I love your flippa recaps. One thing I definitely noticed, and it sounds like you probably have to, the influx of suspended/banned members on flippa. It’s a shame for the buyers who are paying more than they “should” and for anyone looking for an accurate pricing of what domains are selling for, especially if your a newbie like me. But as always, great work on the part of Flippa. While, I don’t do as thorough of a write up (or any write up lol), there is a link in my name for the recent flips. I typically check every couple of days for new ones…

    A lot of banned/suspended members on that list, and some portfolio listings I need get around to removing ;) . The recent sale of for 10k!!!

    makes me want to list all of my 5 character brandables lol. Looks like the transaction went through though…

    • Aaron says:

      Thanks Travis.

      I agree that it stinks there are some shady folks out there trying to manipulate the system, but I have confidence that Flippa is on it, and will continue to weed them out.

      • Travis says:

        definitely. If they are willing to do away with some of their more “premium” members (high transactions $$), it certainly says a lot. One thing I haven’t explored though, is how easy it is to just create another account. After all, a lot of the members who have been banned are linked to other banned accounts (shill bidding). Maybe Kevin’ll take a look at this post and we’ll get some feedback.

  2. Kevin says:

    Thanks again for your feedback and coverage, guys.

    True; we’re cracking-down on suspicious sellers and buyers alike. is in all likelihood a dead-sale, but thankfully we’re seeing less of these at higher price-points. We know it’s an issue in every marketplace, and will be taking further steps to improve on bidder-verification and other vetting-methods in the near future.

    Also true, re. — gutsy move by the seller, and it worked beautifully. I’m actually trying to do a case-study with the seller because he set a pretty model template for how to list a domain on Flippa to ensure a bidding-war, and a great sale!

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