Listed below are some notable domain and website sales over the past week at Flippa.

Looking forward, there are some big boy names…….most of which are likely saddled with big boy reserves.

A couple names that have hit reserve include at $7,550 and at $4,850. is an interesting case study, as it only hit bidding of $550 in its first listing, and it didn’t meet reserve. This time around the seller listed with no reserve, and the result is over 90 bids, front page placement on the homepage of Flippa, and a much higher price. Kudos to the seller for having the guts to list it with no reserve.

A few domains on the 3rd, 4th or 5th go-round on Flippa include at $14,000, BIM at $20,000, and at $14,000. None have hit reserve.

Also coming down the pike include at $55,100, at $65,100, at $3,333, at $3,000, at $29,000, and at $20,100. None have hit reserve.

Some domains that sold over the past week – $7,000 – $1,000 – $950 – $500 – $500 – $450 – $411 – $400 – $375 – $362 – $351

Some websites that sold

  • – $47,000 – Monthly net profit of $5,400 stated, on uniques of 850. “the premier source for judicial apparel and accessories”
  • – $33,100 – Net profit of $1,400, on uniques of 97,000. “ was established in 2009 and now is one of the biggest iPad blogs on the web.”
  • URL Hidden – $150,000 – Net profit of $16,200, on uniques of 1.1 million. “Up for sale is an network of ebay affiliate sites I launched in November 2011.”

Some domains with bids that didn’t sell – $4,000 – $2,500 – $2,500 – $1,100 – $1,000 – $999
CoffeePlus – $680 – $600 – $470 – LNN – $460


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  1. Travis says:

    i think there was more value in than ~1k. that’s a great domain, especially if we are going to compare them to some of the others on the list. I’ve seen random’s sell for more than that on ebay.

    • Aaron says: hit $1,100 in bidding, but that wasn’t enough to meet reserve

      Looks like a couple other extensions are developed — .org, .fi, and several more, so there is value to the right buyer.

      • Travis says:

        ahhh didn’t read the heading…

        unless there was some shill bidding with, can’t imagine why that one went unsold. a ~4k profit w/ a domain that was only registered last year, sounds good to me ;)

  2. i love domains

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