Listed below are updates to the top ten domain sales from a year ago this week, as reported by DN Journal. Some big dollars were spent that week, with two sales over $200,000, yet there isn’t alot of development activity on those two domains. It’s nice to see live websites on the majority of the other domains.

1. for $275,000

  • Whois shows the owner as Melbourne IT, which likely means they bought the domain on behalf of one of their clients. The current content on the domain is essentially an advertisement for Melbourne IT.


2. for $242,500

  • Ownership is under privacy protection, and the simple lander is shown below.


3. for $49,700

  • Whois lists the following as the owner, “Neue Medien Muennich GmbH”.
  • A travel site is built out in German.
  • is owned by Mike Mann’s Domain Asset Holdings


4. for $26,980

  • Per DNJouranl, the term means ‘garden fence’ in German, and the domain forwards to the German-language, which sells garden furniture.


5 (tie). for $25,000

  • Owned by Turkcell, the Turkish language site has been called “a personal travel assistant”.
  • The term ‘bavul’ mean luggage, per DN Journal.
  • The developed site has the best Alexa ranking of this week’s sales, at just under 150,000.


5 (tie). for $25,000

  • Owned by entrepreneur Steve Newcomb; he describes the company on his blog as follows, “ is my new company and is all about utilizing everthing I know about both engineering an design to create the most beautiful, performant and useful experience for a user. sits at the intersection 3 key movements – the coming of age of HTML5, the rise of collecting as a key human metaphor on the Internet and mobile advertising done right.”
  • is owned by Famous Footwear, the shoe retailer.


5 (tie). for $25,000

  • Owned by “GRUPO KALISE MENORQUINA, S.A.”, a Spanish ice cream company.
  • The domain forwards to


8. for $24,085

  •  This domain with the Swedish extension resolves, but it simply says “”

9 (tie). for $20,000

  • The domain phrase means ‘song lyrics’ in Turkish, and that’s exactly what the website features…..albeit in a language that I don’t understand.


10 (tie). for $20,000

  • The domain tells exactly what the developed site is all about. It appears to be an Elance or Freelancer type of site, but focused on a much narrower niche.



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  1. Ian says:

    Aaron – Great post. Definitely one of the best recurring articles in the domain space at this time. Looking forward to the next one.


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