Listed below are updates to the top 10 domain sales from a year ago this week, as ranked by DN Journal.

1. for $200,000

  • The same buyer picked up #1 and #2 on this week’s list for $200k each. Porn site on each domain. The buyer is “WGCZ s.r.o.” of the Czech Republic. This one has an Alexa rank around 3.6 million.


1. for $200,000

  • This is buy #2 for “WGCZ s.r.o.”, and the screenshot is much less family-friendly, so we skipped it here. The owner likes their porn names, with their collection including others such as,,,, and hundreds more. Alexa rank near 1.1 million on this site.

3. for $70,000

  • Domain redirects to, with that screenshot below. Owned by a company named “Just Suspension”, based in North Carolina.


4. for $55,000

  • Their site isn’t fully functional yet, and they say they’re launching in June 2014. Appears they have intentions to be a travel & event booking site, based in Seychelles.


5. for $35,000

  • Per the DN Journal post last year, this was a sale to the owners of, although there are different sites on each domain. “China Manufacturing offers factories in China soltuions to connect with buyers at international tradeshows. We are the pioneers of shared exhibit soutions.” (their typos, not mine)


6. for $25,000

  • No site resolves. Owned by the individual who owns the developed Seems like a nice price for the seller…..not alot of search volume for the phrase.

7. for $23,000

  • “Elegant protection for your laptop and tablet“. Affiliated with the folks behind, which surprisingly (to me) is a site about “digital lifestyle accessories“, and not the financial and/or legal use of the term ‘trust’.


8. for $21,000

  • Fancy site, but I can’t figure out what they do…..perhaps someone smarter than me can figure it out. Their slogan is “Make Something Fun”.


9. for $20,000

  • As a sometimes/part-time farmer, I was surprised to see such a strong selling price here for a long tail domain. This site focuses on selling farm real estate in Canada. They appear to have just over 100 listing currently, many of which have an asking price in the millions of dollars.


9. for $20,000

  • An Indonesian-language news site. Traffic leader for the week, with an Alex rank near 1.1 million.



5 Responses to Update On Top 10 Sales From A Year Ago This Week:,,, More

  1. Trent says:

    farm real estate was bought by a big domainer who is in the real estate business.

  2. Dan says:

    Always interesting reading Aaron, as someone who, like you, buys domains with the intention (aspiration in my case maybe!) to develop them into viable businesses, I really enjoy this weekly round up. Keep up the good work!

  3. Aron - says:

    Love these posts! Keep them coming. Interesting, as always :D

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