Listed below are updates to the top ten domain sales from a year ago this week, as ranked by DN Journal.

The .com’s only had 1/2 the top ten this week…..a rarity.

Good to see 8 of the 10 domains in use.

1. for $700,000

  • A pricey shortener from, which is where is redirected. (“Truncation”, to use O.F.’s fancier word.)
  • The seller was Virtual Universe Corporation, and they’ve moved to the much less sexy Interesting to note that they don’t even show up on page 1 of Google for a search of their business name — shows up instead at #5 of the organic results.


2. for $450,000

  • It’s a price that blew nearly everyone away except the sellers – Mike Berkens, Rick Schwartz, and Ammar Kubba. They acquired the name for under $6k three years before the sale. Rather than re-hash all the details, you can check out TheDomains’ posts on the sale, and a recent update on the buyer – publicly traded MeetMe, Inc., which was also just named to Deloitte’s 2012 Technology Fast 500.
  • “MeetMe, Inc. (NYSE MKT: MEET) is the public market leader for social discovery. We make meeting people fun through social games and apps, monetized through both advertising and virtual currency.
  • The domain forwards to

3. for $100,000

  • Currently owned by Infor Enterprise Solutions, the site is “Infor’s Global Localization Solution. Build and deploy localizations in a loosely coupled way, reducing cost and eliminating disruption to application providers, partners and customers.
  • Per DNJournal’s sales report, “Lead gen whiz Braden Pollock of was the person who bought for $100,000 but Braden immediately resold the domain for an undisclosed sum (I can tell you that Pollock moved the domain for more than he paid for it).”
  • Domain Capital either owns or holds as collateral

4. for $40,000

  • Owned by “Cybermanagement AG” per Whois. Only an irrelevant lander is live.
  • was acquired for $500,000 a couple years ago by National A-1 Advertising. The domain is still on their servers, but doesn’t resolve — Whois no longer reflects what I normally see for an A-1 owned domain.

5. for $27,000

  • Per Whois, the domain is owned by Tony Lentino of domain registrar Instra.
  • “Intuitive.IT is a rising specialist in the Government Services industry with expansive expertise in Oracle, SAP and QlikView Solutions, Security, and Technology Services.”
  • is owned by end user Intuitive Systems.

6. for $20,000

  • The site is developed as a marketplace for stringed instruments — many are priced as “price on request”, others range from $2,000 – $30,000+ USD.
  • Dealers and makers around the world are able to upload their stock and buyers can search by a number of fields to find their perfect instrument.


6. for $20,000

  • Owned by Scooter Deluxe, a company based in Germany. The German-language site features scooter parts and accessories for sale. ‘Roller’ in German = ‘scooter’ in English.
  • Per a Google translation of their site, “ is a project of Scooter Deluxe Ltd. We specialize in 50cc – 125cc scooter parts and tuning. Whether China scooter or car brand, on there from the engine oil on the helmet, to sports cylinder, everything the scooter driver. Since 2005 Scooter Deluxe is a fixture in the German scooter scene.

8. for $17,000

  • The International Association of Ironworkers secured their .com, and have it forwarded to their site on the .org.


9. for $16,900

  • Loosely translate from German into ‘spare part’, the domain is parked.

10. for $15,000

  • The site is developed, but I’ll let you check it out yourself if interested, rather than include a screenshot. Ownership is under privacy protection.
  • The .com is also developed (ownership is privacy protected), with an impressive sub-10,000 Alexa rank (vs 3 million for the .net).

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